Family Law Modifications: Legal Adjustments To Reflect Your Current Needs

Life is a constant journey of change and adaptation. The court orders in your divorce decree or paternity agreement may need to be amended or terminated to reflect your family’s current circumstances. What may have been acceptable to meet your family’s needs in the past may not be feasible now. Florida law allows individuals to modify their court orders, ensuring that their legal agreements remain in sync with the evolving aspects of their lives.

At Earl Hamon Law, P.A., we can help you modify your divorce or paternity agreement with affordable, high-quality legal support. We understand that life changes often come with financial constraints and are committed to offering cost-effective solutions. If both parents agree to the modifications, it can be submitted to the court for approval. If one party objects to the proposed changes, it will proceed to a court hearing. You may need to modify your alimony, child support, timesharing, or parenting plan for various reasons, and we are here to guide you through the process.

Grounds for a Modification in Florida

To obtain a modification, you must demonstrate a substantial, material change in circumstances that was not anticipated when the court order was issued. Examples of grounds for a modification may include:

  • A significant change in income for either party can be cause for a change in child support or alimony court orders. A change in child support under these circumstances must result in at least 15% but not less than fifty-dollars of the current payment.
  • A parent’s relocation at least 50 miles from their residence may be grounds for a modification. If the court approves the relocation, there may be modifications in child support, the parenting plan, and timesharing arrangements to accommodate the new geographical distance between the parents and the child.
  • Changes in the child or parent’s health can affect the existing custody and visitation arrangements. Adjustments may be needed to accommodate medical appointments, treatments, or specialized care. Health-related modifications can be temporary or permanent.
  • Remarriage of the alimony recipient may be grounds for modifying or terminating alimony payments. A remarriage may also prompt a modification of child support payments due to changes in the household income and new siblings or step-siblings.
  • A new supportive relationship, usually with cohabitation, can affect current court orders if the new relationship negatively impacts the child’s best interests. In addition, it may warrant a modification of child support and alimony if there are shared finances.
  • Changes in a child’s needs as they grow may be cause for modifying parenting plans or child support due to educational, healthcare, emotional or behavioral needs.
  • Safety concerns for a child are grounds to file for modifications if one parent poses a risk to the child’s safety, such as through substance abuse, domestic violence, neglect, or other harmful behaviors. In some cases, seeking a protective order or supervised visitation is necessary to ensure the child’s safety.

It should be noted that noncompliance with current court orders may result in enforcement actions such as wage garnishment, property liens, or contempt of court proceedings. If you cannot meet the terms of family law court orders, seek our lawyer’s help for modifications before you are penalized for your actions. If your ex-spouse is non-compliant with a current court order, contact our family law attorney to advocate for necessary modifications or enforcement actions.

Guidance and Support to Shape Your Family’s Future

Attorney Earl Harmon is dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complexities of family law modifications. He has earned a reputation for his unwavering commitment to clients and a record of achieving successful outcomes. With an in-depth knowledge of Florida family law and the modification process, he is ready to help you.

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