Contested Divorce: Compassionate Advocacy in Your Time of Need

Divorce is undeniably one of life’s most challenging experiences. When a couple finds themselves at odds with each other, the path to resolution can be fraught with complexities. At Earl Harmon Law, P.A., we understand the overwhelming financial and emotional turmoil in a contested divorce. Although hiring a divorce attorney in Florida is not mandatory, having a compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer on your side can make all the difference during a trying time.

What is a Contested Divorce?

In a contested divorce, a couple cannot agree on some or all of the terms of a dissolution of marriage. Factors such as alimony, property division, child support, and timesharing often evolve into accusations and disagreements. Emotions can become highly charged during a contested divorce, significantly impacting decision-making. A family law attorney is your greatest asset in a contested divorce.

What is Mediation?

In a contested divorce in Florida, both spouses must enter into mediation to help identify and resolve disagreements. It is a non-adversarial process, whereas a mediator de-escalates conflicts and assists

couples with reaching mutually agreeable resolutions. Mediation offers numerous benefits, making it an attractive alternative to traditional litigation.

Some of the advantages of mediation are:

  • Couples have control over the outcome of their divorce instead of a judge making their decisions
  • Couples are more likely to comply with agreements when they are made willingly
  • Mediation is more cost-effective than litigation, reducing the financial burden on both parties
  • There is a faster resolution than scheduling court dates and hearings
  • Lower stress levels lead to better long-term co-parenting relationships
  • Mediation is a confidential process and not part of a public record
  • There are fewer post-divorce disputes and enforcement issues

The Role of Your Attorney during Tumultuous Times

At Earl Harmon Law, P.A., we explain your rights and responsibilities, ensuring you make well-informed decisions affecting your future. Our objective perspective can help you focus on what truly matters. As a seasoned negotiator, Attorney Harmon can work to find common ground between you and your spouse during mediation, leading to out-of-court settlements. This approach will save you time, money, and emotional stress for you and your children. Attorney Harmon fiercely protects his client’s rights if negotiations fail, building a strong case on your behalf in the courtroom.

How to Prepare for a Divorce?

Contemplating and preparing for a divorce is complex, but taking proactive steps can help you navigate it more smoothly.

  • Gather all relevant financial documents, including any records related to assets and liabilities.
  • Make a list of all marital assets and debts. These items are essential for property division and support calculations.
  • Update your estate plans, such as your will, trusts, and beneficiary designations on insurance policies and financial accounts. It is important that these documents reflect your post-divorce wishes.
  • Keep records of communications with your spouse and social media posts that may be valuable in case a dispute escalates regarding your children or financial matters.

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As a dedicated advocate for your rights and well-being, Attorney Earl Harmon is committed to representing you with empathy, knowledge, and unwavering support. Whether through mediation or fiercely representing you in court, he is here to guide you to a brighter, post-divorce foundation for a new beginning.

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