Child Support in Florida: Your Advocate for Fair and Equitable Solutions

Child support is the legal mechanism that ensures the well-being of children in Florida. It often arises from parental separation, divorce, or paternity actions. Child support laws create a just and equitable framework for parents to fulfill their financial responsibilities to their children.

Why Legal Representation is Crucial

For various reasons, obtaining legal representation when dealing with child support matters in Florida is highly beneficial. Child support cases can easily become emotionally charged and contested if the parents are in disagreement about the child support payments. These issues are complex and often involve negotiation, mediation, and, if necessary, representation in court.

Once child support is established, there may be a substantial change in one parent’s circumstances, or a parent may fail to pay their child support. In both cases, a lawyer is needed for modification or enforcement through the legal system.

Earl Harmon Law, P.A., Guides You to Avoid Costly Errors

Attorney Earl Harmon can navigate the legal intricacies of child support laws and procedures on your behalf. He can help you understand how Florida’s child support formula applies to your situation, considering factors such as income, timesharing arrangements, and the child’s special needs.

As a skilled negotiator and knowledgeable advocate, Attorney Harmon can represent your interests during negotiations or effectively present your case in a court of law. If the other parent fails to pay their child support obligation, or if there has been a change in circumstances, Attorney Harmon can guide you through the enforcement or modification of the child support order.

Child Support Orders Can be Enforced through various means, including:

  • Income deductions
  • Tax refund intercepts
  • Freezing bank accounts
  • Lottery intercepts
  • Property liens
  • Suspension of driver’s licenses
  • Passport denial
  • Contempt of court penalties

Modifying Child Support Orders

A support order can be modified when a substantial, permanent, and involuntary change occurs in a parent’s circumstances. The burden of proving this change falls on the parent filing the petition. An example of a permanent change in circumstances may be a severe illness or retirement. An involuntary change is through no parent’s fault, such as a disabling injury. Typically, a modification only occurs if the amount of child support should change by at least 15% or $50 monthly, whichever is greater.

Child Support Calculations in Florida

Florida follows an Income Shares Model to determine child support, utilizing the Florida Child Support Guidelines, found in Florida Statute 61.30. These guidelines consider various factors, including each parent’s income, allowable deductions, a child’s educational expenses, healthcare premiums, childcare costs, overnight stays with each parent, and more.

Earl Harmon Law, P.A.: Protecting Your Interests in Child Support

With Attorney Harmon by your side, the challenging journey of navigating child support matters in Florida becomes a path marked by compassion and unwavering support. Together, our law firm can work toward securing the best possible future for your child, ensuring their financial and emotional well-being.

Attorney Harmon’s dedication to your case reflects his commitment not only to the legal process but also to the genuine welfare of your family. With Earl Harmon Law, P.A., you can confidently approach child support, knowing that your child’s best interests remain at the heart of every decision.

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